Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Stamp all of the things!

In my last post I showed you my new logo and since then I've been doing a bit of re-branding of my packaging and displays. 

I've also got a new stamp for my logo. It's from Speedy Stamps and you might be able to tell that my logo is a teeny bit different on the stamp. This is because when you order you get to see a proof of what the stamp will look like which is really helpful. It was clear that Cutie's usual hair accessories were far too detailed and couldn't work unless the stamp was a foot long so she's toned it down a bit to just a few buttons.

I'm going to use the stamp for some packaging and needed to do some test runs. I started off with just a plain kraft  tag, modelled here by Mr Reindeer from Sainsburys. The stamp makes a nice crisp print and I'm going to experiment with using different colour inks for the circles etc. 

I also bought some plain brown paper to stamp. I really like the way the logo looks stamped in a repeating pattern on the paper, for Christmas I might add in some extra snowflakes too.

Wrapping paper wouldn;t be right without wrapping up a present so here it is a first go at wrapping with cutie and the feast branded paper and tags. I also made some little paper buttons using an embossing punch to add a bit of colour.

Now I have to resist the urge to just stamp everything!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Baking lovelies round up

It's not long until the next series of the Great British Bake Off (4 days to be precise) and I am a littl ebit excited. I love baking but haven't done any in a while, I've been too busy doing other crafty things! To get me back in the baking mood, because its essential to have a coffee and slice of cake when I watch the bake off I thought I'd round up some of my favourite recent baking finds.

1. This is the most adorable cat cookie cutter from Meri Meri. Its £3 and the prefect gift for a cat lover (also item 5!). They have lots more fun shapes too. I particularly like the sausage dog.

2. Jade milk glass stands from Baker and Maker. Jade + milk glass = whats not to love! They also have some other gorgeous colours but the jade is also on sale woo hooo!

3. I have actually had to buy these spatulas. Who doesn't want one that has green stripes and says practically perfect in every way?! The floral ones comes with it too, bonus! The spatuals are also from Meri Meri.

4. Not strictly a baking accessory but a very cute card of a bear with a massive cake. Its from KateFete on Etsy

5.  Algis crafts on Etsy make the most wonderful rolling pins. They are designed so that they leave a pattern on your biscuits. pastry (anything you can roll). My favorites are the cat and dinosaur ones.

6. Staying with a biscuit theme this little porcelain Eiffel tower is actually a cookie stamp that will make all of your cookies say "baked for you" and will look pretty sitting on your counter top. Oooh la la la! Its from Anthropologie.

That't it, I hope you liked the baking round up. Now I need to stop ogling baking goodies and actually get baking!