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Stamp all of the things!

In my last post I showed you my new logo and since then I've been doing a bit of re-branding of my packaging and displays. 
I've also got a new stamp for my logo. It's from Speedy Stamps and you might be able to tell that my logo is a teeny bit different on the stamp. This is because when you order you get to see a proof of what the stamp will look like which is really helpful. It was clear that Cutie's usual hair accessories were far too detailed and couldn't work unless the stamp was a foot long so she's toned it down a bit to just a few buttons.

I'm going to use the stamp for some packaging and needed to do some test runs. I started off with just a plain kraft  tag, modelled here by Mr Reindeer from Sainsburys. The stamp makes a nice crisp print and I'm going to experiment with using different colour inks for the circles etc. 

I also bought some plain brown paper to stamp. I really like the way the logo looks stamped in a repeating pattern on the pap…

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