Cute crafts - Little Felt Acorns

Easy peasy to make decorations that would look particularly cute wired to the ends of Christmas tree branches.

Step 1. Gather your materials.
You will need:
some acorn shells foraged from the park
some wool tops, the colour is up to you
a piece of foam (a washing up sponge will do the trick too)
some needle felting needles. I''ve used a 36 gauge to get started and then a 40 gauge to finish off.

Step 2.  Stab it with the stabby stick
Take your wool and roll it into a small ball. Then using your foam pad (not your hand because it hurts!) start to stab at your wool with the needle. The more you stab the more the wool will start to come together. Keep reshaping as you stab and moving the wool around until you get a ball.

Step 3. Make your acorn
Next you need to smush your ball into the acorn cup. After sufficient smushing take the 40 gauge needle and start to work the top half of the ball stabbing so that the wool fibers knit together more tightly. Do this so that you start to get an egg shape. The more you stab the smoother and neater your acorn will look.

Step 4. Put the kettle on
Sit back and admire your work. Or if you have a double acorn cup then make the other side.

Happy crafting x


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