Lego Fun - Eskimo Bob

It snowed in Liverpool on Friday and so at the weekend I took advantage of the winter wonderland and went on a long frosty walk armed with Eskimo Bob. It was Eskimo Bob's first outing in the snow and we had an excellent time.

Eskimo Bob embarks on a snowy adventure
First of all we built a snow-bunny, then Eskimo Bob narrowly escaped a stray snowball.

Eskimo Bob makes a start on the snow bunny

Look out Bob!

Eskimo Bob proud of his snow bunny creation
After snow bunny fun, Eskimo Bob had a look down a hole  followed by a little time out in his igloo, after all it had been a busy adventure so far. 

Careful you don;t fall in Bob!
Time for a brew in my igloo

At the end of our walk Bob was very pleased to have found the North Pole and won't stop going on about it!

Eskimo Bob was very happy to have found the North Pole on his adventure


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