Craft Challenge Number One

At the beginning of the year I set myself a challenge to make 12 projects from craft books that I have bought, looked at but never made anything from.

First up is Handmade Weddings which is written by the gals from Hello Lucky who make stunning paper goods.

I actually got this book after I got married, probably a good thing, but after having a good thumb through the pages I decided that there were lots of lovely ideas which could be adapted to be non-wedding.

I chose to make the favour crackers from the book and after seeing a lovely post from Not Martha decided that a valentines theme would be good.

The instructions were pretty easy to follow especially as I was going to make 2 and not the 100 wedding favours in the book! The only piece of equipment that you might not have is a something to create perforations in the crepe paper. I used the perforating attachment for my Woodware Fingerguard Trimmer but you could just make some small cuts instead.

For the goodies inside the cracker I used
♥         Heart and ladybird shaped chocolates.
♥         Jelly heart sweets
♥         Heart glitter confetti
♥         Daft jokes printed out using a clip art border  

 My favourite jokes was:

What did the caveman give his wife on Valentines day?

Uggs and Kisses!

I did tweak the instructions slightly by adding two extra pieces of coordinating cardboard to give the handles a little more structure and instead of ribbon I used red glitter pipe cleaners to seal the ends.

Some friends came round to make valentines crackers with me and one of them had the great idea of twisting the ends like the crackers you can buy from the shops. This gave a much better finish than just leaving the ends plain.

Finally I printed off a little valentine graphic to stick to the front of the card and got my hubby to hand model for a photo!



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