Craft Challenge # 2 Easter egg cosies

For my second craft challenge I decided to so something Easter themed. I've had the book Cute and Easy Crochet by Niki Trench for a while but haven't made anything from it. 

The book has lots of nice patterns in it for cushions, blankets and other bits and bobs like mug and coffee pot cosies. There are also a couple of patterns that aren't my cup of tea but only one or two. 

In preparation for Easter I thought I'd have a go at the egg cosy pattern. Admittedly not too challenging but I wanted to make some little Easter egg cosies as gifts. 

I decided to use the pattern as the basis to make Mickey and Minnie inspired cosies.  The only change to the pattern was changing colour for the last round on mickey and then the addition of pom pom ears and a bow or some buttons. 

To make the teeny tiny pom poms I used a fork. A fork I hear you say! Well after finding a tutorial on how to use a fork to make mini pom poms I have to admit that I am hooked. There are lots of different tutorials on the web but there is a good one over on Mollie Makes if you fancy having a go. 

Feeling inspired by my egg cosies I wanted to have a go at making one for Mr Cutie and the Feast as a little Easter present. I wanted to make a viking but couldn't find a pattern so adapted the one from cute and easy crochet adding a row of bobble stitches and then making up a pattern for the beard and viking horns. 

This is the finished result, I call him Eggbert the Terrible:

The pattern needs a bit of a tweak and once I've ironed out the kinks I'll post the pattern in case anyone wants to make their own Eggbert!

 Going to enjoy a brew and an Easter cupcake now 



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