Learning to get the most out of my camera

I've been asked to photograph a friends wedding in the summer and of course I was over the moon to be asked and said yes without hesitation.

However, the size of this task then hit me. Wedding photographs are special photographs, ones that you'll never have taken again and ones that are all important because they help you to remember a day that passes by in the blink of an eye.

The couple getting hitched are very good friends and I know that they will be happy with a few good pics of the day but as they are such good friends I really really really want to do an awesome job and for the photos to look as good as they can.

To help me on my way I've asked my wedding photographer, Bill Corris, to help me out and today I went on a workshop to cover some of the basics of my camera settings and also get some wedding photography tips.

The day was a mix of theory sandwiched with practical and covered good photo composition; tips for wedding photos and planning photos for the day; using the manual settings option to get the best photo depending on lighting and then putting this into practice at Crosby beach.

I was really pleased with how the photos came out. I can see areas to improve on and hope to be able to get plenty of practice in before the big day.

AS well as the workshop I've also made two other purchases which are, ahem, essential to help me get the best wedding photos: a Kelly Moore hot pink hobo bag that I am in love with, it fits all of my camera gear but still looks like a fashionable handbag (no black webbing in site!) and Adobe Lighroom. I'm still getting to grips with Lightroom but I've used it on some of the photos from today's workshop to convert them to black and white, there wasn't much contrast in the coastal landscape and I think they work a bit better looking moody!

So here they are, what do you think?


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