Discovering Liverpool

In my quest to get in as much photography practice as possible before I photograph a friends wedding I have had a wonderful time discovering the city I live in.

I moved to Liverpool four years ago and although I know my way around pretty well, I think we are all often guilty of neglecting whats on our doorstep.

My photography tour has so far totaled around 15 hours of walking around the city centre, included a trip to a park that I had never been to, one squirrel, one cider lolly, a blue fountain, the beach, a sneaky peek into the Cunard building and a triathlon. Not bad going really!

So lets start with a couple of city centre pics. Theses were taken walking around the back streets near James Street station. 

 I also had a cheeky trip to Cath Kidston and treated myself to these badges

Next up was Allerton Tower park, this is a beautiful park. Its not huge but has some exciting ruins and beautiful lawns. This was where the pigeon and the squirrel come into my story!

 Next up Crosby beach at sunset. I got home from work at about 7.30 and was shattered but got off by backside and headed to the beach and it was brilliant. The perfect antidote to after work sleepiness.

Back to Liverpool and this is a balloon seller outside the world museum. I liked how the balloons were completely covering her face.

More pics walking down Dale street

 Then to Our Lady and St Nicholas Church. This sculpture is in memory of the many who lost their lives during the blitz.

Next up I was a bit cheeky and headed into the Cunard building, one of Liverpool's three graces. The security guard was absolutely lovely and let me have a look around the entrance hall, the marble floor in there is insured for an insane amount of money!

 After that we headed towards the pier head and I took a couple of snaps of the triathlon competitors, it didn't look like much fun in the heat!

 Last but by no means least we stopped off at Delifonseca on the dock road to pick up something for tea and a quick snap of the marina and Liverpool skyline from there.



  1. I was in your lovely city this May -- an incredible experience. You've shown it to me in a way I didn't see it with my eyes...I love the one of the statue that was put up after the blitz. And your skyline photograph is leaps and bounds better than mine...I love how you were able to capture everything.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Its really made my day. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Liverpool. I've only lived here for 5 years and so i'm still discovering bits of it. Photography has given me a good reason to explore it more and venture to places that I wouldn't go normally.
      You have a great photo of the skyline around the Albert Dock and wonderful to see the tall ships in. Looking forward to more of your August break pics x

  2. What a beautiful photography it's. The Liverpool is exactly as shown above. I remember those nice days in Liverpool, it was my wedding in Liverpool and we had called the famous Samanthabrown photography. Those were one of the most amazing moments of my life.


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