2 years = cotton

This week saw mine and Mr cutie and the Feast's second wedding anniversary. When I was looking for an anniversary card I couldn't find one that wasn't full of fluff and nonsense, admittedly I was a bit last minute and so didn't search much further than the local supermarket (tisk tisk). So I got home and decided to make my own.

As the second anniversary is cotton I thought a spool of cotton would be quite good and I'd bought a number 2 candle for 50p from said supermarket.

I attached buttons to the candle with some double sided tape and used a piece of A3 white paper to make the backdrop. At first I tried tot take the photo in the evening but the lighting was rubbish so got up early on our anniversary to take a quick photo and make it up into a card.

What do you think? Mr Cutie and the Feast liked it but then I think he liked his new Star Trek pips more!



  1. So clever and I'm sure your husband loved it!

    1. He did, it was funny as the card he got for me wasn't a standard anniversary card either but instead one with a knitted mouse on! I need to get my thinking cap on for next year (which is leather) and try to be a bit more organised :D


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