August Break Challenge - week 2

My second week in August has been rather hectic involving four hotels, a wedding and a holiday in Paris!

So you can guess that Paris features heavily in the photos for the second week of the challenge! I had a wonderful time there, the weather was beautiful and the sights fantastic.

But before I start on week two a bit of a catch up of week one:

Day 2 - circles
These are some catch up photos form last week. Lots of circular inspiration!

Day 3- yellow
This is me in a yellow dress.

Day 4 - Love
Catch up of day 4. Although initally the craze of started on the Pont des Arts most bridges on the Seine, that can, now hold a padlock declaring a couples love. The romantic part is after placing the lock on the bridge the key is thrown in the river.

Days 5-8 are here and I still need a photo of my breakfast!

Day 9 - taste
These macarons are from Laduree on the Champs Elysee where myself and mr cutie and the feast treated ourselves to an afternoon coffee and of course some macarons! From top to bottom, pistachio, salted caramle, coffee and chocolate

Day 10 - Red
These are cherries on Rue Montorgueil a wonderful street selling all sorts of lovely food.

 Day 11- Play
A trip to Disneyland Paris and some fun playing with a tinkerbell lego. Just before taking this photo tinkerbell fell over and lost her wand, fortunately she had a spare at home!

Day 12 - Far away
A work in progress!

Day 13- Home
My front door

Day 14- Stillness
A serene moment at the Lourve. I liked the way the water was completely still giving a lovely reflection of the pyramid.

Day 15. Books
Books from one of the many tiny stalls along the banks of the Sseine

Day 16 - Floral
Another photo from the Rue Montorgueil (a contender for one of my favourite places in paris). This time from a florist.

Day 17 -touch
Feeding the birds at Notre Dame

Day 18 - Looking down
Looking down at the Seine with a view of Notre Dame.

The August Break 2013


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