August Break Challenge - Week 3

So here are the photos from week 3 of the August break challenge. I'm still missing breakfast and midday but have caught up with day 12.

Day 12 catch up - Far away

This one left me stumped for a bit but then I saw the parallel lines in this photo going off and joining in the distance. For me this is reminds me of learning how to create distance in a drawing and making something appear far away.

Day 19 - white
A lick of white paint on Parisienne shutters

Day 20 - Taste
Sweeties from a sweetie bar at a friends wedding

 Day 21- Something Old
Tickets from the Wirral Transport Museum

Day 22- Midday
Another work in progress!

Day 23 - Sacred
 Detail of Notre Dame

Day 24 - Hear
Quite a few photos for this. First three were taken in Manchester all on the same day! You couldn't turn the corner without hearing something new.

The last picture for "Hear" was taken in Paris on the banks of the Seine.

Day 25- Sunday Morning
Not sure why but this bear and the colours remind me of a sleepy Sunday morning lie in!

Day 26 (edging into week 4!) - YES!
This if from the same wedding as the sweeties. It was the wedding of two very special friends and they asked me to do the photography. I was terrified that all of the photos would end up blurry and in some cases anxiety got the better of me but I think I got a decent set in the end. 

For me this one says "Yes!" perfectly.

Looking forward to the last few days of the August Break challenge

The August Break 2013


  1. Lovely photographs, all. Glad that the photography for your friends' wedding went well!

  2. Thank you! It was certainly a crash course in wedding photography but there are some good ones tha tI really like, and lots that ended up in the re-cycle bin! Not sure if its something I'd do again, it was a fantastic and exhausing experience : D


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