August break challenge - week 4

So these are the final photographs of the August break challenge. I've loved having a photography project and the freedom to interpret one simple word each day.

This last week has possibly been the most challenging

Day 27 - Number

Nigella Lawson cookie cutters, quite a literal take on the word of the day. Set up a little studio on my kitchen table using an A3 drawing pad and a plant pot for support.

Day 28 - Smell
Nothing like the smell of freshly brewed coffee mmmmmmm. And this was the coffee in Laduree so even better.

Day 29 - Your fave thing

Its a thing not a person so I would say its hanging out with Mr Cutie and the Feast and being silly : D
This picture was taken at Morcambe bay earlier in the year using a tripod and an infra red remote which you can just about see in my hand! We only had a few funny looks from passers by but it was mainly smiles.

Day 30 - Sign
Another Paris photo, this time its the Champs-Elysees sign. I also visited Stamford this weekend which has a brilliant sign to welcome you to the town and on the reverse "do come again!" unfortunately I didn't get chance to take a snap as it was a flying visit.

Day 31-  Smile

Lots of little Lego smiles that make me smile.

And that's it. The August break challenge is over. I'm looking forward to doing it again next year and seeing what I come up with. Not sure if I'll catch up on the two that I've missed, maybe i'll save them for next year!

Hope you enjoyed the photos



  1. These were all wonderful choices for the August Break...and I'm still smiling at the one of your fave thing and all the little legos!

  2. Glad they made you smile! Photographing lego figures got me through a sad time last year and so always cheer me up. I often taken a little selection when I go on a day trip in case of photo opportunities and when people realise what I'm taking a photo of they smile too. Might be the kind of smile like laughing at not with but who cares!


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