Cake club on tour!

Last weekend cake club (which I can't really talk about as the first rule of cake club is you can't talk about cake club) went on tour.

I'm not really supposed to tell you but we usually take it in turns to host a fabulous afternoon filled with cakes and excellent company. However, this time we decided to have an adventure.

The first stop on our tour was Cheshire Ice Cream Farm and their artisan room. The room is free to book you just pay for the ice cream that you want.

We started off making one tub each but after seeing the range of delicious flavour combinations that we could try decided to make 2, yum yum.

Usually the host of cake club makes a goody bag and so for this one I found some ice cream goodies and packaged them up into a pretty party bag.

The goodies included:
some ice cream spades
ice cream tubs
an eraser shaped like an ice cream
And for cakes some book plates personalised for cake club members. The bookplates are from EAB designs and you can find the free printables here:

They all got wrapped up in a stripey green sweetie bag finished off with an I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream sticker and a lovely free gift tag printable from eat and drink chic.

We all chose our favourite flavours and got mixing. There was a really good selection of base flavours, sauces to swirl in and bits to add like meringue and chocolate coffee beans.  You are given the basic ice cream and then add whatever you want (it was tempting to go a bit crazy and just add everything!) 

Some of the combinations we made were: pistachio and white chocolate; coffee and chocolate; cherry and amaretto and strawberry and mint. 

Peach and caramel in progress

selection of sauces to swirl

Goody Bags

This one was christened Cosi Fan Tutti

Our ice cream selection

It was a fantastic afternoon out and I'd definitely recommend it. I hadn't realised how big the ice cream farm was so I think I'd go back for a longer visit next time and to stock up on ice cream. A little bird told me they do a gin and tonic one!

Ps. I was quite excited to find out series 12 of the Lego minifigures is out and was luck enough to get Clyde the Yeti. He really likes ice cream and dreams of one day opening his own ice cream parlour. The little ice creams are the erasers from the goody bags.


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