Craft Challenge number 4!

So for 2013 I had set myself a challenge of making 12 crafts from books that I own. It dawned on me that with only 3 full months left in 2013 I needed to get a wriggle on and make 9 crafts (still not sure I'm going to make it but I'm going to give it a jolly good go!).
My previous craft challenges have been Kanzashi flowers , Easter egg cosies and Valentine's day crackers. Its been a while so I thought I'd ease myself into it with something that I had tried before at a craft workshop held at the wonderful Landbaby and hosted by the talented Karen Edwards.The only problem with workshops in Landbaby is that I want to buy everything in there.

At the workshop I learnt all of the basics to get be started in carving my own stamp and used the stamp that I made to make my christmas cards last year. As its only, ahem, 95 days until Christmas I thought this would be a good opportunity to get cracking on this years cards. 

Christmas cards 2012 made using my first ever hand carved stamp

So my craft book for the challenge is Making an Impression by Geninne D. Zlatkis and it takes you through how to make your own rubber stamps. The beginning is the basics but I skipped this bit as the previous workshop gave me a good grounding. If you are new to it there's nothing quite like being shown but the book is pretty comprehensive. 

I collected my tools:
A sheet of speedy carve
A lino cutter with various blades
A selection of ink and cards/tags to stamp on
A piece of scrap paper to test my design

After looking at all of the lovely examples in the book I was pleased ot see that there were templates to use at the back. I would have liked to completely design my own but I have another 8 challenges to fit in!

For Christmas I chose a lovely bird design but decided to turn him into a Robin (I'm not that good at following instructions and like to freestyle a bit!)

 I traced the bird onto some greaseproof paper (Couldn't find any tracing paper!) and then transferred it to the speedy carve. This is a brilliant technique especially when making a stamp of letters as you don't have to draw them backwards.

Next came the carving. It was quite a big design and quite detailed so it took a little while.

Finally I had a carved out everything. I just needed to do a few tests to find our which bits I needed to tidy up.

I then made a matching stamp to stamp in the red of the robin's breast et voila!

I got a bit excited and decided to make another one, this one inspired by craft challenge number 5!

So yes, challenge number five is on the way. I actually did it the same day, I think time was moving slower or something. But I'm going to save it for another post : D


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