Happy Halloween! Craft challenge number 7

Wow the days are zooming by but as the nights are getting darker and its getting colder outside I'm more inspired than ever to snuggle up indoors and get some crafting done.

like craft challenge number six, this next craft challenge isn't a book but is instead a pinterest pin. If you use Pinterest you will probably know that it is possible to pin enough things you want to make to last you a lifetime and then some.  Its a great source of inspiration but sometimes leaves me feeling a bit overhwelemed as I want to do everything, which, if I want to eat/sleep/go to work, is just not possible.

To help overcome this I do try to make something that I've pinned at least now an again!

So for this challenge I thought I'd take another one that I found on pinterest and that was just in time for Halloween.  The pattern is for a little crochet ghost and is a free pattern from a very lovely blog A Morning Cup of Jo which has the most adorable amigurumi patterns.  Again its a free pattern, how awesome is that! There are also some other cute patterns from A Morning cup of Jo on Ravely.

The pattern is available as a PDF on Ravelry or here if you don't have a Ravelry account (another source of endless inspiration!).

It was really easy to follow and can be made up in no time at all. the only thing I didn't have were safety eyes the right size, so I used two small circles of felt and glued them on instead. For the pink fabric paint I used a bit of pink blusher but you could do a couple of stitches with pink embroidery thread instead.

And here he is my first attempt, I call him Spooky Sylvester!

I loved Sylvester so much I had to make him a little ghosty friend. Its seems right to call this one sweetie! Don't worry if its Halloween already, you can make one of these in the length of time it takes to watch Neighbours!

Happy Halloween crafting x


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