Woolly Woodland Whimsy - craft challenge number 6

So here it is craft challenge number 6.....

As this week was wool week in the UK I thought it would be fitting to do something woolly. Now I know a magazine isn't strictly a craft book but I still have the same problem of seeing lots of things that I want to try and not getting round to doing them.

I actually bought Simply Crochet issue 10 mainly because of the cowl with ears on the front and I'm really pleased that I've given it a go.

I used Rowan Alpaca Cotton in storm (shade 405) and a size 5 crochet hook. I followed the pattern and made up the hood and the ears but when I followed the bit for the integrated scarf it didn't look quite right.

It might have been that I wasn't following the pattern properly or that it just wasn't the style I expected so instead I joined the hood at the bottom and then did a few more rows around the bottom. I then made a separate piece and used it to form the centre of a bow. I also added a detachable bow for a bit of extra cuteness.

Here is the finished product!

I asked Mr Cutie and the Feast  to take some photos of me in my new wooly woodland cowl. The first photos he didn't like so I asked him what my inspiration was. He told me "you've got a daft cat thing on your head, that's your inspiration", which was very true and resulted in some giggly photos!

 craft challenge number 6 completed. Six more to go!



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