Queens of the Stone Age London Trip with added Lego!

This weekend I went to London to see Queens of the Stone Age at Wembley Arena. You've probably guessed by now that I have a bit of a thing for Lego minifigures and so the obvious thing to do was to make my own lego version of the lead singer Josh Homme.

If you don't know who Queens of the Stone Age are I'd recommend having a listen, well I like them anyway! I particulalry like the tracks: no one knows, make it wit chu and go with the flow. Lucky for me all were played on Friday night!

If you don't know Queens of the Stone Age you might also not recognise the lead singer Josh Homme but he's often seen sporting a plaid shirt and a rockabilly quiff. theres a picture here.

So now you know what Josh looks like here are the adventures of my Lego version in London....enjoy x

Enjoying a festive M&S feast on the way down to London, everything except the sausage roll was sparkly.

Out for pre-gig dinner and enjoying a large glass of red wine
mmmmm marscapone
using your guitar as a spoon = so rock and roll
Josh with his ticket on his way to Wembley
Need to be well behaved at Wembley!

waiting for the gig to start
Enjoying the gig
After a late night there is only one thing for it.......krispy kreme for breakfast
Day 2 and its off for a London adventure. Josh found one of the seven noses of Soho and he rubbed it for good luck. Hurrah!

time for a trip on a London bus

Feeling homesick in covent garden

checking out the Lego London sights, it was very convenient to have them all in one place

saying hello to the Queen. Remember its mam as in ham and not ma'am as in balm!
2B or not 2B which is my pencil, getting some culture at the Lego globe
At the lego london eye

Views of the gherkin and big ben

It was a very busy two days for lego Josh, he would recommend visiting the Lego snow globe in covent garden as you get to see all of the sights of London town. Next time he hopes to find the rest of the seven noses which promises infinite wealth, so the legend goes.


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