Festive craft challenges - gingerbread house and twinkle the cat

So this year I cooked Christmas dinner for the first time. I was a bit nervous that it would go horribly wrong so I spent most of Christmas Eve prepping everything and making the puddings. Also sneaking in a few Lego photos!

The puddings were an inside out trifle cake and a chocolate Guinness bundt cake. Amazingly the trifle cake went to plan but half of the chocolate cake got stuck in the tin. But, waste not want the not so pretty cake was turned into chocolate trifle with a bit of cocoa powder added to the leftover custard from the trifle cake. 

Anyway, this post wasn't really about trifle cake but rather withdrawal from crafting over Christmas. I had great plans of things to make but illness and general business meant that these were pushed aside.

I did manage to make an hello kitty gingerbread house with added unicorn. Mr cutie and the feast bought me a gingerbread house kit which meant that instead of cutting around a template I could use cutters to make the walls and roof. It even came with ikea style instructions!

Making a gingerbread house was another first and after trying to put the roof on it might be my last attempt! I soon realised that it reminded me if slab work in ceramics, I love ceramics but absolutely so not like slab work! Maybe gingerbread houses aren't my thing. It looked ok for about 10 minutes but then slowly started to subside. It tasted good though, I used Mary Berry's recipe from the bake off Christmas special.

Holiday craft challenge of a gingerbread house partially complete!

Christmas dinner went without a hitch, everything was cooked and came out at the same time. It was a lovely day with family, good and festive fun.

Boxing Day I was in need of a long walk in the fresh air and so headed to Formby point. On the way we stopped to snap a picture of a rainbow.

I had a nice long walk on the beach and then headed home for a Boxing Day tradition....turkey and piccalilli sandwiches. But by the evening I was feeling restless and I realised that I really wanted to make something crafty.

Not one to take the easy route I chose to do something that needed me to make my own pattern. I'd had the idea for a cat cushion a couple of weeks ago so thought I'd give it a go.

I chose my fabric to use a small scrap of welsh blanket that I'd bought in a remnant bag from Trefriw Woollen Mill in North Wales over a year ago.

The pattern was for a basic rectangle but I needed to add in the seam allowance and make sure that all the front pieces matched up.

To make the face I used a disappearing fabric marker to draw the pattern and then a combination of stem stitch,  satin stitch and a basic running stitch to fill in the features using embroidery floss.

Face done it was time to assemble all of the pieces and stuff with polyfill. The last bit was to close with a ladder stitch (which to me us a little bit of magic).

Ta dah........meet twinkle

Did you have a crafty Christmas? I'm hoping for a crafty 2014.



  1. I am hoping for a crafty 2014 as I just keep procrastinating and before you know it another year is over! I am hoping to make at least one thing a month! Your cat is lovely by the way :)


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