December 2013 in pictures

Happy new year! I hope you had fun celebrating and welcoming in 2014.

I'm looking forward to a new year full of new opportunities, its also my birthday in a few days so even better!

To finish off 2013 I did the fat mum slim photo a day challenge and this is the result......

Day 1-Red. Kicking off the challenge with a red glittery Father Christmas.

Day 2- where I stood. I took these in the morning on my way into work. It was a shame to have to change out of my miffy slippers! 

Day 3- silver. A silver owl that lives in my living room.

Day 4- tiny. A tiny Lego dude with a tiny mug hanging out with me in work and needing a caffeine hit!

Day 5- in the cupboard, my cupboards are for hoarding tea cups!

Day 6 - Shadow. It was a dull grey day so no shadows outside, time to make a shadow bunny instead. 

Day 7 - 6 O'Clock. This was 6 o'clock pm in the car on the way home from a 1st birthday party. 

Day 8 - I shop here. this is some yummy jam from Taylor's Farm shop in Lathom. I foolishly forgot to take my phone for the trip there!

Day 9 - The weather today. The morning of the 9th December was glorious but as the old saying goes, red sky in the morning shepherd's warning. 

Day 10 - R is for - Rubbing in. I made toffee apple crumble to take to a friends house for tea. In the background you can see sweet talker, isn't she cure? She's made by Camilla Prada

Day 11 - Green. For my works secret Santa I was treated to a bottle of Babycham and Babycham glass - the happiest drink in the world! 

Day 12-  Joy is....... all the little things. These little things make me happy!

Day 13 - well my phone told be tradition and looking at the list it should have been composition. Never mind, tradition twice isn't a bad thing! This little nativity has been displayed at my parents house ever since I can remember. 

Day 14 - Drink! Can;t help but say this like father Jack. The tipple of choice was sugar plum liqueur. 

Day 15 - I didn't put my Christmas tree up until the 15th but  here it is with its pretty fairy lights.

Day 16 - makes you feel merry - writing Christmas cards to those near and far.  I ended up using a drawing instead of my stamp but they are still home made!

Day 17 - Tree. After watching the Great British Sewing Bee today I thought a picture of my scottie dog tree decoration would be fitting!

Day 18 - Big. This is one BIG cracker! We kept it for Christmas day and inside were disguises and charades which kept everyone entertained. 

Day 19 - Tis the season to be......Crafty!

Day 20 -  I'm listening to.... an lp called a very special Christmas featuring Run DMC, Sting, Madonna to name a few,  a 1987 extravaganza!

Day 21 - On the door.... a yarn wreath that I made last year. 

Day 22 - sparkly - sparkly bird on the Christmas tree.

Day 23 - this was where tradition was supposed to be. These little gnomes came from Finland when I visited with work 3 years ago. They are a new tradition and now make an appearance every Christmas and Valentine's day.

Day 24 - wrapped.....and waiting under the tree.

Day 25 - Best bit of your day. Christmas day! I made the Christmas dinner for the first time this year. It was a pretty hectic Christmas eve and morning but well worth it. I tried out a new recipe for inside out trifle cake and it went down a storm so for me one of the best bits of the day!

Day 26 - where you slept - I have done a lot of napping on this sofa over the Christmas break!

Day 27 - what you are doing now.... I was driving back to Wales to see my family and taking photos of rainbows through the car window.

Day 28 - something awesome. ..... is there anything more awesome than finding a scottie dog in your jam!?

Day 29 - reflect the best bit of 2013. I asked Mr Cutie and the Feast what he thought the best bit of 2013 was and he replied "three"! Taking this on board I've gone for a photo taken in July for your second wedding anniversary so the best bit of 2013 is 2!

Day 30 - of these is me, can you guess which one? The other it a yeti at the Hiber-nation exhibition in Cardiff. He was giving out cwtches (welsh for a hug./cuddle/cupboard under the stairs!).

Day 31 - celebrate......dressing up twinkle the cat for the new year!

So that's it the December photo a day challenge done. It certainly was fun to have the prompts and to just use by phone for the photos. Maybe I'll do another in 2014 and definitely the August Break challenge from Sarah Conway.


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