Happy 2014! The craft challenge update

Happy 2014! A new year is a new start but also time for a bit of reflection.

Last year I set myself a craft challenge of completing 12 new crafts. It came about after tidying up my bookcase and finding that I had a rather large number of books but had only made a handful of things.

I started off the craft challenge in February with some Valentines day crackers

Next up were some Easter egg cosies (so far so good based on one challenge per month!)

Slowing down a bit now and my next challenge wasn't until May when I had a go at some Kanzashi flowers

Then it was a busy summer and I think crafting lends itself to rainy days and cosy evenings. So the next official craft challenge was rubber stamp making

Challenge 5 saw me attempt macarons. I have to admit I held my breath when they were in the oven but was very pleased when they came out unbroken and shiny!

Challenge 6 was part of national wool week and I crocheted myself a woodland cowl from simply crochet magazine. This was a bit of a deviation as I had originally intended craft books but think the premise is the same, if you buy it then make it!

Challenge 7 was Halloween themed and I had a go at a pattern from a Morning Cup of Jo.

Challenge 8 and 9 happened close together. I made my first ever gingerbread house, after feeling inspired by the Great British Bake Off Christmas Special and I also made my first ever pattern (albeit a basic one).

So what about 10,11 and 12?

Well although there were no official craft challenges in the Summer I did achieve a few new things. There are no real rules to the craft challenges and so I think that these could count!

So for challenge 10 I photographed a wedding for the first time and boy was this a challenge! I did a lot of preparation but it still wasn't enough. I think practice is the key but it was an exhausting day and one that has left me with a very good understanding of why wedding photography costs so much as its not just the time on the day but also the hours of work afterwards, selecting and editing the images and also choosing the ones that tell the best story in an album.

Challenge 11 - this year I've completed 2 photo a day challenges. The first one was in August and was Sarah Conway's August Break Challenge. The second one was a December photo a day challenge from Fat Mum Slim

The December photos are coming soon but they are already over on the Facebook page and you'll be able to find them here on the 5th Jan. 

Finally challenge 12 and for this one, rather than using a book or tutorial, I went to a face to face real life class with people! The subject was black and white photography and it was run by Dot Art. I loved, loved, loved this workshop and will be signing up for the follow up one this year. You can see the rest of the photos here.

so that's it for the 2013 craft challenges. I'm pretty pleased with them even if I did have to stretch the final 3! There are still a couple of things on my list to try but now I have a whole new year to fit them into. 

Happy new year and happy crafting x


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