Craft room...if only!

If I had a craft room.....I'd craft in the mooooooorrrrrnnninnng , I'd craft in the evening, all sorts of stufff. I'd craft out a cushion, I'd craft out a blanket, I'd craft things for all my brothers and my sisters, aaaaaallllll all over this land!

Ok bad singing over, its on to the serious stuff. The popularity of crafts has exploded in the past couple of years which means that all things crafty have started to make their way onto the high street.

For anyone who is thinking about a craft room there are some excellent craft inspired home wares out there.

I don't have room for a craft room but if I did I'd be tempted by some of these lovelies, I know the lamp isn't necessarily crafty but imagine it filled with buttons or ribbon! To be honest I'm tempted to convert my under stairs cupboard into something. If you want a bit of inspiration, especially using the button rug then check out the adorable craft room on the a sort of fairy tale girl blog 

1. A cute button box from John Lewis 2. Giant safety pin from Papermash 3. Make the new print from Beach London 4. TÅSTRUP button rug from Ikea  5. GRÄDDIG wall buttons from Ikea 6. Button knobs from Graham and Green 7. Button closure organizer boxes from Papermash  8. Jar lamp from Laura Ashley 


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