Four candles, fork handles birthday cake!

The Two Ronnies four candles sketch is one of my favourite comedy moments, its also one of Mr Cutie and the Feasts. He already has a four candles t-shirt and so when I saw these fork candles from Baker and Maker I knew they would be perfect for his birthday cake.

I actually ordered them in November last year and so I was glad I could remember where I had stashed them!

For the cake I used a recipe from the Whimsical Bakehouse book, the amount of food colouring in this book puts me off a bit but the recipies are tasty. I went for the hazelnut cake with a Nutella mousse filling and decoration. The top had crushed flake and a few raspberries.

I doubled the recipe and so the cake became a four tier monster, here it is in the nude with all of the layers stacked!

As well as the fork candles I made a little topper (giving away mr cutie and the feast's age) using the super quick tutorial over on Aunt Peaches blog but I used glitter instead of confetti. To be extra safe use non-toxic or edible glitter so that any stray bits of glitter that might fall onto the cake are safe.

We were going to head out for Mr Cutie and the Feast's birthday but a last minute change of plans meant that the party was moved to our house, cue frantic tidying up, washing up and party decorating!

I have bunting up in the living room anyway, every day deserves bunting after all! But managed to pick up these cute honeycomb decorations in the supermarket (Tesco).

They also had these really cute bear and balloon napkins so I got those too, more for me than Mr cutie and the feast!

And finally here is the finished cake, complete with topper and fork candles. IT was enjoyed by all and there are a few slices left over with my name on them!



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