Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen!

In January I was lucky enough to go to Copenhagen with work but actually stay on for a few days to see the city. I've been before but only for a flying visit before heading over the bridge to Malmo in Sweden. 

Unfortunately I've only ever managed to go to Scandinavia in the winter, don't get me wrong its beautiful especially coming up to Christmas with festive lights filling windows but the next time I visit I'd like it to be a smigeon warmer! That way the Tivoli gardens would be open so I could play and I'd make it to the flea market that was a 40 minute walk away.

Anyway despite not getting to see Tivoli or go to the flea market (probably for the best!) I still managed to see a lot of the city. Here are some of my favourite places and Tivoli from the outside! 

Tivoli gardens

we walked past this huge advert for the wolf of wall street every day!

choosing where to go

Toys but not he toys I was looking for!
Denmark - home of Lego!

You might have guessed from my other posts that I find a lot of fun in Lego and particularly Lego mini figures. As Lego was born in Denmark a visit to the Lego flagship store in Copenhagen was a must. There were lots of amazing Lego sculptures inside including a Lego replica of the Nyhavn harbour area. Unfortunately the excitement got the better of me and I started to get a migraine in there, I lost some of my vision resulting in a lot of very blurry photographs.....I also found out that over the counter migraine medication is not available in Denmark!

Lego Copenhagen

Lego Copenhagen

Some more pictures out and about, everyone cycles in Copenhagen and the city is designed to make it safe to do so, wish it was more like that in the UK. 

secret streets

lots of bicycles

The next stop was TorvehallerneTorvehallerne is an indoor market spread over two buildings. Inside you can buy all sorts of delicious treats and you can also get lunch at some of the stalls.

Seafood yumminess

tentacles and teeth...eeep!

Smørrebrød - a delicious open sandwich that I had for lunch on day 1 

cooking in Torvehallerne


a feast of roses

more beautiful blooms


chocolate fountain you say? mmmmm

chocolate treats, to dip in the chocolate fountain!

We also had a paleo lunch in a stall named,  you guessed it, Paleo! The paeleo diet is based around what our Paleolithic ancestors would have eaten. They probably wouldn't have had a blueberry and ginger juice or a pesto topped chicken salad with coleslaw but who cares it was tasty! To make you feel even more healthy there were a few kettle bells dotted about too, in case you wanted to train whilst you waited for your lunch!

even more scrummy looking cakes

As you can tell by the number of pictures I really liked Torvehallerne and ate lunch there each day. Copenhagen is an expensive city and this was a reasonably priced way to get a delicious lunch of Smørrebrød and sample some traditional, and not so traditional, Danish cuisine.

Next stop was Kent Kaffe Laboratorium. A friend spotted this on the Visit Copenhagen website and seeing that it was a laboratory for coffee instantly appealed to the scientist side of me. It was a wet and miserable day but fortunately it was pretty close to Torvehallerne and it was time for a brew. I chose to go for a syphon coffee, visually it looked like something from breaking bad and it tasted great. It was a very smooth coffee that didn't need or indeed come with milk but I have to admit I preferred it with just a drop!

Coffee at Ken Kaffe Laboratorium

coffee breaking bad style

Batman likes coffee!

mmmm Bat coffee

On the Saturday night we went to a blues bar called MOJO. It was grubby and dark just like a blues bar should be, it was strange that people could smoke indoors though as I'm used to everyone having to go outside in the UK. Can;t say I enjoyed smelling of smoke at the end of the night but the music was good and the cider cold.

Although we didn't walk to the little mermaid statue I did see her on a boat trip (cue me singing a log of sha la la la la la's in the style of Sebastian). I also visited the Hans Christian Andersen statue and his golden counterpart.

Hans Christian Andersen
I think he was supposed to be Hans Christian Andersen??
A bit of random photo now but this dog outside the pizza place was just too cute, looking longingly in the window at a pepperoni slice!

pizza dog

To try and see a few more sites I went on a boat trip but as the water levels were too high we couldn't go into the canals (we didn't fit under the bridge!) so had an alternative trip instead. This took us from Nyhavn with its pretty coloured harbour buildings to Christiania, past the Royal Danish Theatre and the Standard restaurant/jazz club and down the river. 

I hope you enjoyed the photos I took on my trip to Copenhagen. Have you been before? Do you have any recommendations or hidden gems that you want to share? I'd love to go back so would be great to get some tips. x


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