The adventures of flat Jo Jo

Recently I've taken part in a flat friend exchange with Josephine from a morning cup of Jo. I love to crochet and so have followed a morning cup of Jo for a while now and thought it would be really fun to take part in the flat friend exchange and sho flat JoJo some of the UK.

Flat JoJo has been on three adventures with me:
Back to my home town
Around the Albert Dock in Liverpool 
To ogmore-by-sea in South Wales 

Flat JoJo has arrived, she's very flexible! 

First we visited my hometown. The village is called Cefn Coed y Cymmer which means back of the woods at the confluence. The confluence refers to the confluence of the Taff fawr and Taff fechan rivers which join to make the river Taff that runs down the valley to Cardiff. 

We also visited Cyfarthfa Castle. Cyfarthfa castle was commissioned in 1824 by William Crawshay to overlook his ironworks. It's now an art gallery and museum and part of it is also a school, but not quite Hogwarts! 

Next on the list of trips was Liverpool which is where I live now. Flat JoJo visited the Albert Dock, the MT Brocklebank tug boat and the museum of Liverpool.

 The Brocklebank is 50 years old and it was lovely to hear about the ship and how it worked.

After our visit aboard the Brocklebank we headed over the the museum of Liverpool and an encounter with a lambanana. 

The last trip with Flat JoJo was to Ogmore-by-sea in South Wales. It was a nice sunny spring day and we visited the river, the beach and Ogmore castle.

I hope flat Jo Jo enjoyed her adventures!
It was certainly fun taking lots if photos and explaining what I was doing when I was met with confused looks!


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